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Best selling author Jeffrey Gitomer and world renowned LinkedIn and networking expert Jennifer Gluckow discuss the art and science of selling with some of the leaders in sales, marketing and personal development.
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Sep 22, 2016

Ben Prusky is the CEO of Freedom Merchants a company that works with new and existing businesses on a variety of services revolving around getting them paid. He tells us how data is revolutionizing the sales process yet still can't compete with great customer service and a winning attitude. 

Sep 7, 2016
Our guest H.A. Thompson is a radio legend and entrepreneur who knows the value of serving his customers. He shares his thoughst on a life of service and how it has helped his career thrive. PLUS! We're answering your sales questions and helping you set your mid-week agenda so that you can make more sales.
Aug 31, 2016
We're talking about business building, relationship building and how to handle success with Bob Salvin, CEO of Salvin Dental and Salvin Regenerative. He started what is now a 50 million dollar global business out of the back of his car. He's a world class leader on business building and handling success the right way. PLUS! The long Labor Day weekend is coming up. What are your plans? Are you going to lounge or use the opportunity to get ahead of your competition. We give you some tips on maximizing your wealth over a long weekend.         
Aug 24, 2016
Sales are made anywhere and everywhere, from the board room to the the squared circle. No one knows that better than our guest, Nikita Koloff. This pro wrestling legend has traveled the country and sold his persona to thousands of fans. Now he speaks on sales and personal development, sharing his inspiring story. PLUS! As more and more millenials enter the salesforce, managers are having to find new ways to inspire, educate and communicate with them. They are young, tech savvy and can be a boon to your organization if give the right guidance. We have tips for both millenials entering the workforce and the sales managers tasked with getting the most out of them.
Aug 17, 2016
Michael Silverman is a family man, a business man and a political man. He is the chief insurance advisor for the Gloron Agency in New York City but he's also mayor of Livingston, New Jersey. He gives us insight into running a family business that services both families and businesses. Plus, he'll share with us what he's learned from his work in politics that has informed his sales career and vice versa. 
Aug 10, 2016
The Summer Olympics are in full force in Rio and Jen and Jeffrey are focused on the GOLD....or should we say on the GOAL. This show is all about goals, how to set them, how to work towards them and ultimately how to acheieve them. Our guest is creative designer Natalie Kathleen founder of The Jibs Life a New York fasion company that is on trend and on their way to acheiveing sales gold. Plus we hear from "The Goals Guy" Gary Ryan Blair who says the key to achieving a goal is to start at the end. 
Aug 3, 2016

New to sales? Thrown into a sales role without any prior experience? Our guest Alice Heiman helps coach people just like that and she shares her best tips for keeping your head above water and ultimately thrive in sales.  We also have part 2 of our interview with John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything a revolutionary sales tool. He tells us the top timewasters he sees among his sales staff and how to solve them. Listen and email your questions or comments to us  

Jul 27, 2016
To make the sale you have to get to the decision maker, someone that can not only say yes to you but put pen to paper. A lot of times that person has a big "C" in their title. Our guest, author, speaker, and sales genius Mark Hunter gives you proven strategies that will help you connect and close the deal with that CEO, CFO, COO, CIO...C-ANY-O. 
Jul 20, 2016
Our guests this week are co-working expert Lisa Skye Hain, founder of Primary, and John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything, an app that works with Salesforce to save you time and money out in the field. Plus we answer your burning sales questions!
Jul 6, 2016
Jeffrey and Jennifer are live from Las Vegas this week. We're talking to a referral marketing expert, author and BNI rockstar, Brennan Scanlon. Plus digital media and marketing can be overwhelming for some, Sam Zises, founder of [L]earned Media shares some of his tips and best practices.
Jun 29, 2016
Live in-studio, 2015 NASCAR track champion and driver of the #54 Toyota Racing Camry in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, Julia Landauer joins us to discuss how she helped get her racing team in prime position by providing value to clients and launching a successful speaking career. PLUS...selling sports is selling fun. Vice President of Ticket Sales for the NBA's Charlotte Hornets stopped by the studio to discuss selling entertainment and what challenges he sees in his young sales staff and how to combat them. 
Jun 22, 2016
John Ruhlin, author of Giftology, joins us to talk about how he's used generosity to develop relationships with his clients and increase his bottom line. PLUS...if you don't use Linkedin or aren't sure you're using as well as you could be you'll want to tune in for tips and a great opportunity to learn more. And as always we're answering your burning sales questions from twitter, facebook and
Jun 15, 2016
Mike is the definition of sales courage. He risked his savings, his house and his pride, all in an effort to sell the world’s strongest cup of coffee. He’s taken the Deathwish brand from relative unknown to Superbowl fame after his company’s commercial was featured in last year’s game. Mike’s story is inspiring and the lessons he shares are powerful to anyone out there grinding that sales pavement.
Jun 11, 2016
A special bonus for the Sell or Die early adopters, our full interview with smart guy, sales hacker, entrepreneur Max Altschuler. An edited version aired on our last episode but this has some extra goodies that we cut for time. Listen. Learn. Earn. Sell or die.
Jun 8, 2016
Can the sale be hacked? We're not talking about your CRM password we're talking about finding better ways to make the sale. Our guests include the author of Success Hackers, Scott Hansen and the author of Hacking Sales, Max Altschuler.  PLUS...Nike messed up big time when they let Steph Curry get away and lost a 14 billion dollar sale to Under Armour. Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend, wrote about this debacle and what we can learn from it for  
Jun 1, 2016
Should you risk it all for sales? Pamela Barsky risked everything to pursue her retail sales dreams, now her products are flying off the shelf in one of the toughest retails markets in the world...New York City. She'll tell us her strategies for sales success. PLUS, author David Avrin stops by the studio and discusses his new book Visibility Marketing and the secrets to rising above the noise in your market.
Mar 9, 2016
When people hear the word "salesperson", what do they think of? Some think of purchasing but others may think of something negative. It can even be a barrier for people to get into the industry. In this episode we talk with Jeff Bajorek, founder of Parabola Consulting. Before he got into the trade, he had negative associations with sales but when he found out that it can be about giving to and helping other people, his mindset, his career and his wallet changed forever. Listen for more on this fascinating subject and tell us what you think on twitter @sellordie
Feb 15, 2016
What happens when a buyer or seller comes to a transaction with unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to price? We speak with one of the top brokers in Manhattan, Steve Dawson of Compass Realty, about selling in a highly competitive environment, intelligent selling vs. ego selling and how to bring a buyer or seller back down to Earth on price...even if they object. Even if you aren't selling in real estate, you want to listen to this episode chock full of strategies and sales philosophy. 
Feb 8, 2016
Our guest this week is Andy Horner, CEO of Outstand, a revolutionary email service for salespeople that is re-imagining how you follow up. We discuss how creativity can move you ahead of your competition and win more sales. PLUS we preview the upcoming installment of the Gitomer Gold webinar series, that stars Andy, called Follow Up vs. Follow Through. This webinar will destroy some of the myths you may have about how to follow up with a customer and will teach you how to follow through to get a deal done. Sign up today at
Jan 26, 2016
Our guest for this episode is speaker, writer and thinker Anthony Iannarino author of He discusses his interesting background and how that informs his sales and personal development philosophy. We also talk about his article on developing three words every year to focus your mind on what he calls "gaps that need closing" in your life or in your career. PLUS Jeffrey and Jennifer share their three words for 2016 and discuss selling in snow. 
Jan 13, 2016
Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow share their sales and personal development knowledge in their weekly podcast, Sell or Die. We've renamed the podcast Sell or Die because in today's world of constant change there is still one constant, you're either selling or dying. Social media expert Josh Coffy from Flight Media joins us to discuss the changes coming to twitter, how to take advantage of it and how to maximize your engagement online with social media in order to make more sales. Jeffrey sits down with prospecting genius Jeb Blount from to discuss cold calling, offering value, positioning yourself as an expert and trusted resource and much more.
Aug 24, 2015
Marc Jackson is the VP of ticket sales for the professional basketball team in Charlotte, NC. He shares wisdom that he's gained working his way up the ladder and mentoring young sales geniuses who are trying to do the same.
Jul 29, 2015
Jeffrey explains the origins and benefits of a master mind group. How to form one, how to get the most out of one and most importantly details on how to join a master mind group personally facilitated by Jeffrey Gitomer. Go to and search for "master mind' for more details. 
Jul 29, 2015
Jeffrey Gitomer introduces the Master Mind podcast and interviews insurance industry expert Mark Steinberg. They discuss what Jeffrey thinks is the toughest sale.
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